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A non-comprehensive list of our projects

Voice Labels

Listenabel is a cross-platform application to scan custom-made labels, and then read useful information out loud.


Programmed and functional on temi the robot.


Our robot autonomously navigating around an indoor space, and reading labels aloud:

Our robot reading food safety and color information aloud:

First Created

May 18, 2019


Kathy Li

Contact-Free Controls

Signborg is an open-source control system to rid us of having to touch buttons in public, especially during a pandemic.


First Created

March, 2020


Kathy Li

Seeing Eye Robots

An initiative to leverage technology to do good for humanity, empowering the blind or visually impaired community to thrive in the digital era.

Current Status

Utilizing commercially available and programmable robots, we have been able to develop them into prototypes of indoor seeing eye companions.

Pros and Cons


Democratizes robotics, enabling underrepresented groups to benefit from the rapid advancements of the field.
Great showcase of tech for good.
Some concepts and components that this project entails can be transferable to other innovations.
If development and testing go according to plan, a seeing eye robot can eventually relieve some seeing eye dogs of guiding duties, which we — as human beings — have no way of knowing if the dogs want them in the first place.


We still have a long way to go before we reach a version that can safely replace a seeing eye dog.

First Created

December, 2018


Kathy Li

Earth XYZ Coordinates

A modernized way to map the Earth, using the XYZ coordinate system.

This can be expanded to outer space.

Current Status


First Invented

October 29, 2019


Kathy Li

Braille Bricks

Bricks that can be used for:

Learning Braille in a fun, interactive wayCommunication
Suitable for both sighted and visually impaired groups.


1. Sketching

2. Modeling

3. 3D Printing

Future Add-on

An application that is capable of scanning the bricks (or perhaps other text) and reading them aloud.

First Created

February 5, 2019


Kathy Li


Unless otherwise specified, all innovations featured on the Buildiful World site are created by Founder / Inventgineer Kathy Li.

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